Types of Massage:

​Massage Chair: This technique is very efficient, convenient, and for some people less intimidating than massage on a table or mat. Chair Massage gets mostly the upper body (neck, shoulders, back and arms.) You can choose the massage express (30 minute) or a 60-minute massage.

Table Massage: all table massage techniques can have the bonus of a warm towel on your eyes to block out light and increase relaxation during your therapy session. If preferred the towel can have lavender oil added to it. A ten lb. breathing pillow can also be used at the beginning of your session to help focus on diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation. We use a heated massage table and hot packs when on your back for extra warmth to improve blood flow, add to your experience Usually not wanted in summer time) .

Swedish Massage: This is the most relaxing technique, perfect for stress management great for increased circulation, detoxification.

Sports Massage: This type of massage helps improve athletic performance and prevent injury. It combines elements of Swedish massage and trigger point Therapy. This technique can be integrated into a deep tissue trigger point massage

Deep Tissue Massage: A Deep tissue Massage is designed to relieve tension in the connective tissue of the fascia. Highly recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved with heavy physical activity such as athletes. construction workers and people who sustained serious injury.


Prenatal Massage: Although this type of massage is specifically designed for women who are pregnant, it can be used for anyone who prefers a gentle type of massage. This technique can help relieve some ailments experienced during pregnancy.


​*Please give at least 24 hrs. notice to prepare the table for this type of massage as well as if you get massage on a mat (Shiatsu-Tia Massage.)

Mayo Fascial Release: This is a type of body work with a firm, but very gentle approach. This technique that does not use oils and uses very subtle movements including stretching the client’s connective tissue (fascia). Can be just as effective as deep tissue massage for recovery from workouts.

Cranio Sacral Therapy: A type of massage therapy that addresses imbalances in the Cranial Sacral system; the membranes and the fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. It’s an extremely relaxing, soothing gentle technique that is especially good for Migraine headaches and has been found to be effective for people with learning disabilities for greater learning and comprehension.

Lymphatic Drainage: One of the most therapeutic types of body work there is. A very gentle, relaxing type of massage focused on clearing the lymphatic system, greatly improving circulation adding in many maladies including all autoimmune illnesses and relieving pain and can help peed up recovery from injury.

Cancer Massage: A technique custom designed for cancer to avoid any potential contraindications of cancer. It is also very effective for people suffering from HIV and other illnesses. It’s very soothing and relaxing.

Table Shiatsu: Shiatsu means finger pressure. Shiatsu technique helps to restore energy back to the body. This is probably less intimidating for those who don’t feel comfortable disrobing. This is also a dry massage, without oils being used.

Integrated massage: This exceptional technique combines many styles listed from above, custom designed for each client. This is an extremely effective type of massage, one of Steve’s two favorites to perform and one of specialty’s as well.


Shiatsu: This is almost exactly the same as table shiatsu but performed on a specially designed massage mat. This is a very effective massage technique.  This is the original way it performed. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique going back 1000 years. 

Thai Massage: This massage technique combines elements of both shiatsu massage and Yoga. This helps restore energy balance as well as increase flexibility. Although it is not officially considered sports massage it is an extremely effective type of massage to prepare for sports, or a workout or afterward to restore your range of motion. This is Steve’s other favorite technique and specialty to perform. Thai massage, like Shiatsu is also done on the floor. This is one of Steve’s specialties.

Energy Therapy: Steve is trained in both Reiki as well as Therapeutic Touch, two styles of energy therapy. Energy Therapy is much more subtle and yet just as healthful and massage in the healing process. These techniques are very soothing and relaxing techniques in which depending on which is being done, the therapist’s hands can be either on the client or slightly above.

The client is lying on the massage table, facing up clothes on, under the massage sheet. These can be done alone or integrated into the massage therapy session.

Cupping Therapy: is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction for various medicinal healthful benefits.Cupping Therapy has a history back thousands of years.It has its roots in various countries such as ancient Egypt,Greece,Russia, Italy,China and other countries and various Cupping techniques. A Cupping Therapy session can either be done as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with other modalities such as Acupuncture or Massage Therapy and usually the therapy session  will last from around 20 to thirty minutes. 


​Introductory Offer: (One Hour): $85

Thirty Minute Session: $50

One Hour Session: $95

Ninety Minutes Session: $125

To book an appointment e-mail steve@mindbodydyn.com or call


About Steve Guttman:

Steve is a Mind Body Health Wellness Life Coach, Integrative Personal Trainer, Massage, Energy Therapist with more than 40 years experience making a positive impact of the mental, physical, emotional health and wellness of people. He has worked with people from ages 4 to 106, athletes, business professionals, stay at home parents, and people with various disabilities among others.


He sees clients in their homes, assisted living centers, companies, facilities for addiction recovery, as well as special needs schools. Additionally Steve can see clients in his Florham Park, Morristown, Succasunna and Parsippany locations.

Steve presently resides in Morris Plains and is a proud father of his teenage son Dylan.