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Qi Gong

Various Qi Gong exercises will help improve mobility, flexibility, stress management but on a much deeper level.


With a background as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist I had heard great things about Qi Gong and was very curious. I loved it upon checking it out! I loved all of the benefits from mobility, flexibility and others. I loved the fact that it was so profoundly beneficial for overall health, a great form of stress management and so user friendly. I find that it is great standing on its own but also fantastic with used in conjunction to other modalities like Yoga.

Questions about Qi Gong; 

What is Qi Gong ?

A. One of the four original 5000 year old forms of Chinese medicine that is an amazing movement based meditation and medicinal modality.


Can anyone practice Qi Gong?


A. Yes, great for all activity levels no matter what your state of health and fitness is.

What about injuries or physical disabilities? 


A. We can always modify to whatever your situation is. I would always want my students to communicate about any concerns with me before class.

Is it easy to learn?


A. Yes, very easy, very simple and self paced.

Every Saturday: 8:30am to 9:30am

Fees :

1 Class (Drop-in) $16

3 Classes $45 ($15 each)

5 Classes $70 ($14 each)

10 Classes $130 ($13 each)

20 Classes $240 ($12 each)

(Cash, Check, Visa, MC, Amex accepted)



Steve has been teaching me Qi Gong for health and I am much more relaxed . I am more energetic and my stomach and breathing issues have stopped.

– Rose K., Denville –


I love the way I feel after Steve's Qi Gong class. I  sleep better, less anxious, have gained better balance, coordination and love saying that at age 86 ! 

– Barbara S., Union –


Steve Guttman is an amazing personal trainer as he integrates the best of eastern and western modalities ! He bring traditional training ,Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation into the workout and at age 51 I have never felt better !

– Tony B.,  Randolph –



Steve has a real passion for making a difference for the betterment with people and their health and wellness and is committed to always learning more and more in each of the modalities he trained in.

He has experience working in fitness centers, Corporations, Chiropractic centers, Yoga, martial Arts and Dance Studios. Steve has also worked with athletes, older adults, baby boomers, teens and children and adults with mental and physical disabilities as well as people in recover from addiction.

Steve has a passion for living life to the fullest and has many interests besides his own health and wellness such as camping, hiking, reading listening to all types of music, sports and watching old movies.

He is a single father of the greatest 16 yr. old Dylan. 

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