About BB Beba/her work in 3 Questions:


What Is Integrative (also called Functional) Nutrition?

Integrative or Functional medicine evaluates the person from a whole systems approach and integrates alternative treatments (that has various levels of scientific support) besides the western medicine. This means looking at -let’s say- a skin issue, from digestion, liver or elimination perspective; or a neurological issue from gut or inadequate nutrient absorption perspective to find the root cause and treating this cause not the symptom. This also means recommending different treatments when appropriate such as acupuncture, yoga, music, tai chi, functional foods, etc.  Functional Nutrition incorporates foods, supplements, also lifestyle changes, treatments and activities that assist absorbing the nutrients to initiate the correction after discovering the root issue.


How does your approach differ in nutrition and wellness?

My approach differs in couple ways:

  • I am also a holistic health coach who got educated for coaching skills for over a year, thus listening, understanding, then helping to incorporate the changes in one’s own pace is how I do my sessions.

  • I was taught many modalities that the science is newly catching up, or sometimes still backed up with small scale studies, case studies, etc. during my doctorate program. I will share with you what the research says, what the mainstream route would be and what some new science-based methods are available for you to make an informed choice.

  • I was raised in Turkey with an appreciation for eastern methods & spirituality and a love & education on science. As a result I can connect both worlds with ease as I strongly believe they are complementary to each other.


What’s your philosophy?

  • We are all here to share & serve through our own unique skills. I found mine as nutrition and am humbled daily as I see the changes in my clients’ lives through functional nutrition and better lifestyle choices

Special Pricing for Deep Wellness Center:
Regular Initial session rate: $180

Regular Follow up session rate: $150
Special DWC 2 Initial Sessions Package:

$75/session = $150 total

Special DWC 4 Follow up Sessions Package: $100/session =$400 total

Special DWC 8 Follow up Sessions Package: $87.5/session =$700 total
Initial session packages are valid for the first 2 sessions of new clients only, cannot be redeemed for future sessions

*sessions are 45-55 mins