Yoga with Tina Lipson

I started teaching yoga because I like the way it made me feel in just one hour of practice.  I felt stronger, centered and calm in my everyday life. Yoga is unique in that it helps the physical body get stronger, while strengthening all the systems of the body, including the muscular and nervous systems.  On another level, training the mind to be more still through focused intention of following the breath creates stability on an emotional level as well as reducing stress levels in our daily living. I love to assist students in achieving all of their goals in feeling calm, centered and focused on and off the mat.  

Here are a few questions people ask about yoga:


Q.   Can everyone practice yoga?


A. Yes, there are many modifications for a good yoga practice, such as using a chair for balance and stability, using blocks and blankets to help support the body to assist in various asanas.


Q. What if I have an injury?   


A. As mentioned above, I will give various modification to assist students in achieving the most useful outcome for confidence in their yoga practice.  You will never be asked to do anything that would compromise the health of your body.


Q. How long will it take before I feel comfortable with my practice?


A. Like anything we want to achieve, we need to practice with steadiness and commitment. Anyone can achieve a level of proficiency with yoga to feel strong and confident in their practice.  

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Every Sunday from 10:00am – 11:00am

Testimonials from clients:


"Tina’s approach to teaching has made me feel very calm in my practice and given me more confidence in a lot of the yoga postures I was challenged with.   She provided a slow structured class." 



"Thank you for a great class today!  It reminded me how important yoga is and that I need to get back to my practice."