BB Burcu Beba

Clinical Nutritionist, Nutritious Mom LLC

Clinical Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, Weight Loss

Eating and lifestyle changes personalized for individuals with chronic health conditions or with certain health/wellness goals to address the root causes, reduce / replace excessive medication usage (whenever possible and approved by PCP), offering relief through natural and nutrition-based plans.

BB Burcu Beba is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist with a whole body-systems approach to optimal wellness and combines holistic treatments with scientific findings.


She has been coaching her clients for better eating habits with personalized approach for the last 7 years. Her passion in nutrition science and its use in practice made her to pursue her education as Doctor of Clinical Nutrition.


Integrative Clinical Nutrition combines one’s available tests, detailed health history, nutrition focused physical exam, symptoms and goals to create an exclusive nutrition and lifestyle plan for lasting results. It can be successfully used in chronic health conditions, specific health issues or wellness targets, as a stand-alone or complimentary treatment with your own medical plan (any medical treatment is supplied and need to be checked/revised by your primary health care practitioner). Collaboration with your healthcare provider is possible based on your written request.


Nutritious Mom LLC, ran by BB Beba & her integrative team, is dedicated to assist moms and kids through customized nutrition, habitual changes and holistic methods. The company also creates online nutrition education, healthy cooking classes or nutrition consulting for larger groups & companies


Hours: by appointment

* Walk-in free consults available select Saturdays (noted in events calendar)


Phone: 630-487-6967

Some areas I most often work with:


Digestive Health / IBS
Autoimmune conditions - IBD, RA, MS, Celiac

Diabetes / Metabolic syndrome

Thyroid issues

Dyslipidemia / Cardiovascular issues / High blood pressure


“BB is my ‘go to’ coach for anything health and wellbeing related whether it is me wanting to lose weight, kids healthy snacks or our family eating habits. She understands, advises, follows through! I recommend her as the best!” OC, UK


“BB is an amazing nutritionist, mom mentor and a true motivator. I had the pleasure of working with Burcu post my first baby delivery and she was incredible with giving me a program that not only helped me shred the baby pounds but also changed some eating habits for life.”



“We discovered my food sensitivities with the elimination diet she recommended and coached me through. It was a very restrictive diet but she made it easier by giving ideas, being there for me and helping for doable whole family meal ideas while I was on it.”NS, NJ


“I’m wondering why no one has looked at my blood test from this perspective before and honestly said what I should and should not be doing! I appreciate BB’s help for doing so!” JB, NJ