Annette Maria 
Somatic Soul Coaching

Somatic Soul Coaching infusing Somatic Movement, Shamanic Medicine, Energy Work,  Meditation & Life Coaching 



Annette Maria is a Somatic Soul Guide, Intuitive Facilitator of Healing,Founder of Sanctuary Publishing, Best Selling Author & Insight Timer Teacher. Through her work she activates individuals into becoming leaders in their lives harnessing the intelligence of the body, mind & soul. She is an advocate for everybody learning how to listen to their inner truth & feeling invigorated to live out their soul’s unique mission. Annette’s vision is to see the planet as a place that supports each individual in feeling wildly expressed while living out their soul’s mission. 



Annette's sessions infuse Somatic Movement, Energy Healing, Meditation, Sound Healing, Voice Activation & Talk Coaching. Her work is here to support you in living out your soul’s unique mission on the planet. Through her various modalities, this is  supportive for those who have been moving through anxiety, depression & trauma as well as feel stagnant in living out their dreams. Through working with Annette, a sense of safety within your body can be found & you will feel activated to lead a fulfilled, empowered & alive version of you . But the results you receive depend upon your dedication to taking yourself through the depths of the process. This journey is for those committed to making a shift in their lives.


Who is Somatic Soul Coaching for? 

Somatic Soul Coaching is for those who feel stuck in living out their soul's mission on this Earth- you know within you that you are here to make a difference and impact on this Earth but feel limited. This is for those who are ready to step up & become leaders within their lives. If you have been feeling called to make a change in your life whether that is to get to know yourself again, open a business, make a transition or start a new passion project, she is here to guide you. Through Somatic Soul Coaching you are reminded that you are limitless- you just have been limited by past conditioning, limiting beliefs, generational trauma as well as various other traumas. Annette is not here to give you the answers- she is here to support you in unlocking your innate inner knowing to get you to where you are meant to go. 


What is Somatic Healing?:

Somatic Healing is movement based modality to support an individual in developing a connection to the body. Through developing a connection to the body, you deepen your ability to listen. You start to understand how the nervous system works and bring yourself back to a sense of safety. This work is beneficial for those who struggle with expressing feelings, anxiety, depression & have undergone traumas.

What is the Sound Harmony Session?

The Sound Harmony Session is a 60 minute journey that will take place laying on the massage table. You will experience a personalized sound bath with various instruments as well as Tibetan Singing Bowls on your body to support your body in finding balance & harmony. Energy Healing will intuitively be infused in this as well to support you in leaving restored.


Is the Deep Healing Journey or Sound Harmony Session for me?


The Deep Healing Journey is for those who are ready to work through deeper layers of stuck trauma, emotions and limiting beliefs holding them back. The process is deeper in its nature & is for those ready to dive in.


The Sound Harmony Session is for those looking to relax, restore & go through an energetic tune up. This is gentler in its nature & is a beautiful self-care session to provide yourself.


“Annette’s superpower is creating a safe and relatable space for women to confront the uncomfortable aspects of themselves they have buried for years”- Karlyn. L


“I always credit your program for kicking starting my path!! Truly helped me tap into my personal power and for that I will forever be grateful! Annette’s coaching has been such a dynamic force in my life. The experience was eye opening and allowed me to truly find myself on a deeper level.”- Nneka D.


“Wow - My session with Annette was so clearing and healing. I didn’t exactly know what to expect but I felt the call to surrender and trust it. I felt so held and supported by her through the process. She held space for me to move through some fear based mindset all the way to the root. I had one of the deepest releases from a learned childhood behavior pattern that was repeating itself again as an adult. Our healing work together created space for a whole new belief system to begin to be built and accessed from within - and in just ONE session! I look forward to continuing to dive into space with Annette over and over again. She is an amazing guide and space holder, thank you Annette!

The depth of these sessions is so much more than mindest work I’ve done previously. It was amazing how we moved the body to tap more deeply to create healing - how by moving the body the root cause and feeling made itself more clear to me. It was from that space that we really started to shift and create new possibilities for me to access in my mind and body. I left the session feeling more equipped to move through challenges in a deeply embodied way.``- Jessa L.



Tuesday mornings 9am-11am 

Wednesday mornings 9am-11am 
Thursday evenings 7pm-9pm 

Friday evenings 7pm-9pm 


Every 3rd Sunday of the month 11am-4pm


Deep Healing Journey


For those ready to move through deeper layers of trauma & limitation to create lasting change in their reality 

First Session (3 Hours) : $333


Follow up session  (90 minutes): $277 



3 Session Journey: $777

6  Session Journey: $1555

12 Session Journey: $3047


Details of the Sessions/Fees

Initial Session: A 3 hour deep dive into your current state & what you desire to shift. This will include ½ talk coaching as well as ½ intuitively led healing session & next steps. 


After that session together we will decide if you’d like to just do single follow up sessions or if package journeys would better suit your needs. All packages include homework & goal implementation. 

*Can be scheduled bi-weekly or monthly

*If you are facing financial difficulties but desire deep healing & lasting change, please email to work out something unique to your situation


Sound Harmony Session

60 min. Sound & Energy relaxing healing session to support you in nervous system regulation and energetic tune ups  $222